Aeronautical Engineering is the study, design, and production of flight-capable devices, as well as the procedures for operating airplanes. This course prepares engineers to design, build, test, and analyze commercial and military aircraft, missiles, and spacecraft. Aerospace engineers work on aircraft, spacecraft, aerospace equipment, satellites, and missiles and are responsible for their research, design, and manufacturing.

The basic eligibility criteria for aeronautical engineering is minimum 70-75% marks in aggregate in PCM in Class 12. After passing the Aeronautical Society of India’s examinations, diploma holders in aviation maintenance engineering can get degrees. Aeronautics engineering is challenging of its extensive curriculum, which demands a great deal of attention to detail and hard effort. Completion, on the other hand, is gratifying for every student since it leads to a well-paying career. A degree in Aeronautical Engineering can help you acquire a career in the aviation sector, defense institutions, or the civil aviation department. An aeronautical engineer’s average pay is INR 6 lakhs or higher. With experience, you may earn a lot more money.

According to a recent research, the employment of aerospace engineers is anticipated to increase by 6% between 2016 and 2026. Aircraft are being modified to reduce noise pollution and improve fuel efficiency, which will need further research and development. Aeronautical Engineers are in high demand both in the United States and abroad. They’re required in both commercial and public airlines, as well as aircraft production facilities.

Aeronautical Engineering Courses provide students with multi-faceted training in areas such as aircraft and missile production and development. In the fields of military and space science, an aeronautical engineer can design, test, and contribute to the development of sophisticated technology. One can also look for jobs available with the Civil Aviation Department, National Aeronautical Laboratory, Defense Research and Development Laboratories (DRDO) and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).

What does an Aeronautical Engineer do?

  • Commercial and military aircraft, missiles, and spacecraft are designed, developed, tested, and manufactured by aeronautical engineers.
  • Supersonic aircraft, helicopters, space shuttles, satellites, and rockets are among the amazing technology developed and designed by aeronautical engineers.
  • Aerospace engineers have helped to make things like fast postal delivery and moon travel feasible.
  • Engineers are planning to launch a space shuttle that will travel to the moon.

These engineers are employed as graduate engineer trainees or Junior Engineers to begin with. Aeronautical Engineers are employed by countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. A significant number of Indian aeronautical engineers work for NASA.