The bachelor’s degree required to pursue teaching as a career in schools is the B.Ed. However, it is important to note that B.Ed, or Bachelor of Education, is not an undergraduate degree and that to take this course, one must have earned their high school diploma. As a result, B.Ed is a professional programme, and students who complete it can immediately find work in a school setting. It should be mentioned, however, that individuals who desire to teach in senior secondary schools must first get a post-graduate degree before enrolling in a B.Ed programme. The B.Ed course duration is typically of 2 years.  Candidates can pursue a B.Ed degree through online education or on a regular basis. The cost of a B.Ed course varies per college and is determined by factors such as the kind of school (government/private) and the style of instruction (regular/distance). The bulk of colleges’ B.Ed costs, on the other hand, vary from Rs 20,000 to Rs 1,000,000.

To be eligible for B.Ed, candidates must have finished their bachelor’s degree in any subject (Arts, Science, or Commerce). Most popular B.Ed schools, on the other hand, enable applicants who have graduated with at least 50-55 percent aggregate marks at the UG level to participate in their admission procedure for B.Ed courses. Candidates who have completed a B.Ed programme are qualified to work as instructors. So, before pursuing this course, it is important to determine whether or not one has the ability to make a difference in this sector. Aspirants interested in pursuing a B.Ed. programme should ensure that they possess the abilities like critical thinking ability, patience, quick learner, confidence, enthusiasm, and empathy.

The curriculum for the B.Ed degree is meant to familiarize applicants with all of the areas of their career. The teacher must work in multilingual classrooms with students from various socio-cultural, economic, and linguistic backgrounds, as well as students with varied degrees of cognitive ability. Aspirants who complete a Bachelor of Education can teach at private schools at the primary, secondary, and senior secondary levels. Students must take national or state-level teacher eligibility examinations (TETs) like as CTET, UPTET, APTET, and TSTET in order to be hired in government schools.